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Natalie Grady's therapy office is ready for children, families, and adults. As a Registered Play Therapist, Natalie incorporates a little bit of light-hearteness into her sessions whether you're seeking services for adoption, autism, trauma, or LGBTQ+ living in the Kansas City area.

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Root Sprout Counseling is a place to grow into your healthiest and happiest self. We provide therapy services for adults, kids, teens, and families with life experiences affected  by adoption, autism, trauma, or LGBTQ+ related issues. RSC is proud to serve the Greater Kansas City area with over 10 years of experience helping individuals and families in the community.


For more information regarding the therapy services provided at Root Sprout Counseling, please click on the appropriate icon below.

Root Sprout Counseling offers therapy and counseling to individuals, children, teens, and families in the Kansas City area. Root Sprout Counseling provides adoption-competent therapy for those affected by foster care or adoption. You receive specialized care here at Root Sprout Counseling.
Root Sprout Counseling offers therapy and assessments to individuals, children, teens, and families in the Kansas City area. Natalie Grady is a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider and offers an individualized experience. She also assess individuals who wonder if they're on the spectrum using the "gold standard" for assessent, the ADOS-2.
Root Sprout Counseling offers therapy and counseling to individuals, children, teens, and families in the Kansas City area. Root Sprout Counseling provides trauma therapy using EMDR and a trauma-informed approach.
Root Sprout Counseling offers therapy and counseling to individuals, children, teens, and families in the Kansas City area. Root Sprout Counseling provides an affirming environment and celebrates all of you!





With adoption, the joy of a created family can also come with feelings of grief or loss. An adoption-competent therapist can help you or your family with skills and support as you navigate this journey.


Neurodiversity is a natural and valuable part of life; you are not alone in the challenges you face! Regardless of any official labels, your time here will be specific to your goals and needs from start to finish.

Trauma is tricky. Therapy can help. RSC is a safe, supportive place for you or your child to come to terms with difficult life experiences. Moving forward is never easy, but we have the tools to guide you.

Living life out and proud is not always rainbows and pride parades. However you identify, whatever you're going through... RSC will encourage and celebrate you the whole way.

Natalie Grady, owner and therapist, offers individual and family therapy to those affected by adoption, autism, trauma, and LGBTQ+ living. She provides a wide range of services including autism evaluations using the "gold standard" ADOS-2.

Meet Your Clinician: Natalie Grady, LPC, RPT

Natalie is a Licensed Professional Counselor (MO #2018032557) and Registered Play Therapist who has experience across a wide range of ages and issues. Her professional background includes completed trainings in EMDR (level two), Theraplay (level one), Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (level two), and the C.A.S.E. adoption competency program. Natalie is also an AutPlay Therapy Certified Provider, which means she has specialized training in working with children and teens on the autism spectrum. She also provides assessments for those who wonder if they may be on the spectrum.


Natalie has been working with families in the greater Kansas City area for over a decade. She’s known for her warmth and calmness, and her clients often express feeling as though she really *gets* them. Everyone who comes through her door benefits from her compassionate understanding and her ability to meet people right where they are; kids adore her silliness, teens connect with her sincerity, and adults appreciate her non-judgmental perspective.

Natalie created Root Sprout Counseling to be a place of comfort for people experiencing difficulties in their lives. Sometimes all you need is a peaceful environment and a trusted person to walk you through hard times.


For more information, check out the different services provided by RSC.  To begin working with Natalie, send us a message!

Natalie Grady is a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider. She provides therapy to neurodivergent folks of all ages.
Natalie Grady is an adoption competent therapist. She provides therapy to specifically meet the needs of each client.

Therapy Services


If you or your family are seeking therapy for experiences related to adoption, it’s really important to find a clinician with the right expertise— and Root Sprout Counseling has you covered. Natalie has a personal connection to the world of adoption, and she has also received a certificate for completing over 70 hours of training in adoption competency. This pairs well with her strong background in an attachment-based family therapy approach including DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) and Theraplay.

She has experience with transracial and international adoptions, as well as adoptions of older children and adoptions after foster care. Natalie has helped countless families create new or stronger connections, navigate difficult conversations, and promote security and love.


Whether you’re an adult adoptee ready to process more of your journey, adoptive parents of an adopted child, or anyone in between: RSC can help you or your family thrive. Contact us to learn more and set up a free consultation call with Natalie.


Navigating a world built for neurotypical people can create challenges for people with developmental disabilities, such as autism and ADHD. But that doesn’t mean neurodiversity is a bad thing! Here at RSC, we know that each person’s strengths, interests, preferences, and inner experiences make them unique and valuable.

Natalie has specialized training working with neurodivergent children and teens. She provides a highly individualized approach to therapy, so she uses insights from each person she works with to focus on their desired goals and skills.

Natalie is a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider; AutPlay Therapy sessions are playful and approachable, and parents are encouraged to join in the fun! Natalie will walk you through every step of understanding and strengthening your connection with your child as they work toward their goals. If your child or teen struggles with identifying and communicating emotions, controlling angry outbursts, hyperactivity, sensory overload, social differences, defiance, or executive functioning- RSC is here for you!

Have a nagging feeling you might be on the spectrum? Wondering if your child meets the criteria? One additional service offered here at Root Sprout Counseling is an evaluation for autism. The assessment process includes using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), which is the "gold standard" for autism assessments. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please reach out!


Trauma can result from an overwhelming experience that floods your whole body, and it can leave you feeling alone, unsafe, or frightened. If it’s not addressed, the effects of this trauma can infiltrate all areas of your life.


Working with a well-equipped therapist is crucial for dealing with trauma, and Natalie can guide you through the process of healing at your own pace. She is also trained in EMDR, which stands for “eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing.” This is an evidence-based therapy technique used to reprocess experiences and lessen the emotional “sting” of difficult memories. Many people of all ages have found immense relief after treatment with EMDR. 


For trauma in children, Natalie also utilizes her background as a Registered Play Therapist to meet kiddos right where they are. Since more advanced verbal skills come later in life, therapy with younger clients looks a little different and more “playful.” Children subtly communicate things that are important to them through the way they play, and Natalie is trained to decode, understand, and address these issues in a way that feels approachable and safe for them.


Healing is possible. You just have to take that first step, and send us a message.


Root Sprout Counseling is proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community with care and support for folx struggling with self-exploration, self-acceptance, or processing trauma. Natalie recognizes that the world is not always a safe place for people who are seen as “different,” and that judgement and discrimination can have devastating impacts on individuals within the queer community. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Working with a therapist who honors your identity can make all the difference.


Natalie is an affirming clinician. She can also work alongside families seeking therapy to better support or understand their LGBTQ+ child.


RSC welcomes all ages (including children, teens, and adults) at any point in their journey. Send us a message to get started!


15 minute consult call- Included

Intake/First session- $165

Individual session (50 minutes)- $145

Family session (60 minutes)- $165

No Show/Late Cancel*- $145/$165

Autism evaluation: $800

*Less than 24 hours notice

RSC is a private-pay practice and does not accept insurance.

Payment is due at the time of service

Root Sprout Counseling offers individual and family therapy to those affected by adoption, autism, trauma, and LGBTQ+ living. RSC provides autism assessments using the "gold standard" ADOS-2.

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